Sign With Robert

Sign With Robert is an engaging and educational Sign Language and Deaf Culture series with over 15 hours of content. Lessons are broken up into 30 episodes with topics such as vocabulary signs for science, emergency signs and Deaf Culture defined. Download the entire series, separate episodes or purchase the full 10-DVD set.


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Robert DeMayo
Educator, Actor

The series stars Robert DeMayo, a professional educator, actor and entertainer who has been Deaf since birth. He is a graduate of the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford and has toured professionally with the National Theater of the Deaf, Sunshine Too and Cleveland Sign Stage Theater. He has served as an ASL translator for Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night and the artistic director for New York Deaf Theatre. His film credits include Universal Signs, No Ordinary Hero and See What I’m Saying. He performed live for the closing ceremonies at the Perspektiva Film Festival in Moscow and appeared in dozens of Q&A’s with the film around the world.

Hilari Scarl
Director, Producer

Hilari is an award-winning director/producer who was chosen by Steven Spielberg out of 12,000 filmmakers to appear his television show On The Lot. Her multi-award winning feature See What I’m Saying: The Deaf Entertainers Documentary received Critics’ Pick in the New York Times and screened in 800 cities in 21 countries. Hilari produced the award-winning dramatic feature No Ordinary Hero and TV shows for the History Channel, Court TV and CBS. Hilari’s theater background includes touring with the National Theater of the Deaf where she met Robert DeMayo. He inspired her to create more opportunities for Deaf actors, and ignited her passion to break down barriers in theater, film and television for all minority actors.

Download the Series, Individual Episodes, or buy the DVD Set
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Dr. Aaron W. Kelstone
Program Director, NTID Performing Arts

“I have had the good fortune to view SIGN WITH ROBERT with Robert DeMayo. The production quality of the videos is very high and Robert is an outstanding performer and a very skilled ASL artist. It has been a while since anything like this has been produced that provides contemporary examples of ASL. There are many aspects of the production that will be useful for classroom, workshop, individual, and presentation purposes. Robert’s participation in this project lends a high level of credibility to the work. I find the broad range of topics provided in the collection beneficial to many different people who may have an interest in ASL, Deaf culture, and the history of Deaf people.”

Ben Jarashow
Deaf Studies Coordinator
Utah Valley University

“SIGN WITH ROBERT is an excellent product that is easily accessible by streaming online anywhere. It’s ideal for a wide range of audiences, from new parents of a Deaf child to ASL students of all ages and backgrounds. This curriculum isn’t just for self-taught students, but can also be used by ASL teachers to support existing course materials. I give it two thumbs up.”


Hilari Scarl – Director/Producer
Worldplay, Inc.
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Robert DeMayo – Actor/Educator
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